8 Things to Do in Budapest

By on May 17, 2018

Budapest is often referred to as, “The Paris of the East”, and one day in the city will fill you in on where the nickname came from.

It’s beautiful. Everywhere you turn in Budapest, there is a significant structure or statue or view to behold. When you add in some of the best food, coolest attractions, and cheapest prices in Europe – you have yourself an amazing place to visit.

Here are eight things you need to do on your Next Trip to Budapest.


1. Take a dip in the Thermal Baths

things to do in budapest

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The Széchenyi Medicinal Bath in Budapest is the largest medicinal bath in Europe, and while there are many baths to choose from in the city, we’d go with this one.

Mainly, because of its size. Whether you want to relax in the spas, rub yourself down with snow, or hop in a scorchingly hot steam room, there’s a place you’ll find relaxation in Széchenyi. It’s located right beside the Budapest Metro in City Park, and costs around $20 USD per visitor.

Note: Don’t let the picture above fool you, they get quite busy throughout the day.

2. Visit the Ruin Bars

things to do in budapest bars

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Budapest is very quickly becoming one of the coolest cities in the world, in part because of ideas like Ruin Bars.

After the Soviet occupation of Hungary, many buildings were left in shambles. In recent years, savvy business owners have swooped in and opened a new category for nightlife lovers: Ruin Bars. These are bars built within the ruins of torn down buildings. Szimpla Kert and Anker’t are two must-visit bars in town.


3. Try an All You Can Eat Restaurant



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All you can eat is very popular in Budapest, and you can get some terrific meal in the city with drinks included. Stop by the Trofea Grill and eat/drink as much as you can in under 2 hours.

4. Walk across the Chain Bridge


Spanning the Danube River between Buda (the old city) and Pest (the new city), no trip to Budapest is complete without a walk across the famous Chain Bridge. Beautiful photos await.

5. Take in Parliament


Budapest is home to arguably the most beautiful parliament buildings in Europe. You can even see the Hungarian changing of the guard if you’re lucky.

6. Get around like a local

things to do in budapest


Take the oldest metro line in Europe. It’s both above and below ground, and it can get you pretty much anywhere in the city for a couple of dollars. No need for taxis here.

7. Have a Chimney Cake

While they may be Transylvanian, Hungary is one of the few countries in the world you can enjoy one of these amazing treats in. Don’t miss it when you’re in Budapest – they’re divine (we prefer them without ice cream but we’ll leave the hard decisions up to you).

8. Wrap it all up with a river cruise

We’d suggest you take an evening river cruise to see the city in a different light (pun intended). They’re inexpensive, and you can choose to get dinner and drinks on board, or just enjoy the surroundings.