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10 Places Every Chocolate Lover Needs To Visit

By on May 18, 2018

Many countries are famous for their chocolate-making skills, while some are not normally linked to the production of chocolate, and are rarely celebrated, but still make some of the best stuff in the world. The truth is, wherever you travel to, you’re bound to find chocolate but there are certain places that your sweet tooth will especially thank you for checking out. These are the ten places every chocolate lover needs to visit.

1. New York, New York

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People from all over the world come to New York for the frozen hot chocolates at the famous Serendipity 3, or to visit the popular Mast Brothers chocolate factory in Williamsburg, where you can sample unusual blends and chocolate teas. There is so much mouth-watering chocolate to taste in the Big Apple.

2. Cologne, Germany

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Known as the chocolate capital of Germany, Cologne is where you’ll find the Stollwerck chocolate company, who produce more than 100,000 tons of chocolate each year. On their 150th anniversary, they put on an exhibit to showcase the history of their chocolate production. Now it’s an interactive museum that demonstrates the history of chocolate around the world, with more than 5 million visitors a year.

3. Lima, Peru

Roselen Chocolatier in Lima, Peru is run by owner Giorgio Demarini and his mother. Their chocolates are unique works of art with eclectic flavors like passion fruit and lemongrass or lychee with geranium petals. You can enroll for a tasting class, where the chocolates are paired with local beverages. You can also pick up gift boxes that are sold with bottles of Pisco Portón.

4. Tain L’Hermitage, France

The small town in France of Tain L’Hermitage is home to the prestigious Valrhona Ecole Chocolat, where you can attend classes to learn the art of making fine chocolates. The school is also attached to the Valrhona Chocolate Factory and Museum, open to the public so that you can learn more about the chocolate making process without having to enroll in a class.

5. Oaxaca, Mexico

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Oaxaca, located in Mexico, is where you’ll find traditional Mexican drinking chocolate and mole sauce made in the area’s “chocolate houses”. Walk along Mina Street and pop into one of the Mayordomo Chocolate shops to try the delicious beverage that is made with roasted cocoa beans, almonds, sugar, and cinnamon.

6. Brussels, Belgium

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There are over 2,000 chocolatiers in Belgium, which is why the country is known for being a chocolate mecca. The city of Brussels boasts a wide range of places that make and sell some of the best chocolate in the world, including Chocolaterie Duval and Chocolaterie Jamart. You can take guided tours of the city to help make the most of what Brussels has to offer.

7. San Francisco, California

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In San Francisco, California, you can embark on tours of big chocolate brands Ghirardelli and Scharffen Berger, two companies that were founded in the city. There are many wonderful independent chocolate shops to check out as well, including XOX Truffles, Cocoa Bella, TCHO, and Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates.

8. London, England

London, England, is a city so serious about their chocolate, they have a whole week dedicated to it, from October 15th to 18th. Chocolate Week is in its 11th year, where vendors give out sweet samples and put on delicious demonstrations. If you’re in town any other time of year, check out popular spots The Melange, Melt, or Artisan du Chocolat.

9. Toronto, Canada

The pros at SOMA – located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – know a thing or two about chocolate. They’re making pure chocolate with beans sourced from all over the world. Their confections and truffles are distinct and inimitable, like the Douglas Fir truffle, made with natural oils from fir trees. And their whiskey and chocolate gelato is a must-try. SOMA has two stores and a lab in Downtown Toronto.

10. Broc, Switzerland

Only in Switzerland can you ride a chocolate train on the Swiss Riviera that will come up to Gruyeres, where the beloved cheese comes from, visit an 800-year-old castle, and then make your way to Broc to check out the celebrated Cailler-Nestle chocolate shop and factory. Get ready for the sweetest ride of your life.